Monday, 4 June 2012

Incredible India!!!!

Had a great vacation in India though it was scorching hot there....The temperature was 38 degree celcius...yet I still had a great vacation with my family. visiting the ancient temples was the most memorable experience.....I was awed by the architectural design of the temples, it was simply superb...I felt peaceful and serene whenever I entered the temples there. The positive energy can be felt at any parts of the temples the made me felt the presence of God.....The temples are evidence of the Hindu Civilization which is a prove that Hinduism is the greatest religion on earth....I would definitely want to go to India again but the next trip will be as a pilgrim....I only get to visit a few temples in India during this visit, so I have decided to visit all the temples in India one day....For now that is all about my vacation and now I have to gear up for the upcoming Melta Conference in Kuching on the 7th and 8th June. I will be taking part in the Creative Teacher's Showcase....Will upload my product here after the conference....Wish Me Luck!!

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