Sunday, 12 February 2012


I have made changes to the existing PMR marking scheme to fit the latest format as there are a few changes made in paper 2 PMR English language. However, this marking scheme is not the official marking scheme from KPM or LPM. This is a marking scheme that I altered from the old one. If there is an official marking scheme for the latest format, I will share it here.Please click the link below to download the marking scheme that I have uploaded. Any suggestions to improvise the marking scheme will be welcomed.

Marking Scheme Paper 2


  1. hi mohana..i'm an english teacher for form 1,2 and 5..since i'm a new teacher, i found it difficult to mark my form 2 students for paper 2 becoz i didnt really know the allocation marks for each criteria.....actually i refer to the old format when i set up the ques so the marks for guided writing is 30 marks instead of 25marks....shall i mark my students paper by refering to this new marking scheme???but i have stated the allocation marks in the paper which i based on the old how?? (ingles87)

    1. Hi Mr.sazali...according to the new format the marks allocated for guided writing is 25...if you are still using the old format it is can change to the new format for the next can download the format and sample exam paper for the new format in my blog too...happy teaching

  2. Dear Sean,
    I would just like to enlighten you about your comment on my marking scheme... For your information the marking scheme that I have uploaded on my blog is based on the Circular from the examination syndicate of Malaysia.. I think you should download the circular and read itfor yourself... besides I have been a marker for quite sometime now so I am well informed about the marking scheme....and im sure the 30 marks stated in the question paper (Section A)was an errata or a last minute change which was not informed(if you do not know this you ask your teacher ya) next time please do not jump into conclusion without really knowing anything yea...

  3. Hi dear, remember me? I'm about to 'cilok' the marking scheme for mine is gone with the wind....Hope to meet you one fine day and I really hope that your everyday life is beyond your expectation. Take care, buddy.

  4. good job bro..thank helpful. god bless you.

  5. Dear En. Mohana,

    May I know the marking scheme and word count for summary? For instance, old folk's home (Does it consider as 1 word? or 3 words)? others like sequence connectors such as, on the other hand, apart from that etc. How many words would that be? Thanks and awaiting for your reply.


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