Sunday, 20 July 2014


My prayers for all the passengers who travelled in MH17....may your  souls rest in peace.,,I have no words to console any of the families...losing a family member is painful but losing them in such a tragedy is unacceptable and the wounds will be there forever in our heart felt condolence to the families of those who perished in this tragedy...

Friday, 27 June 2014

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Innovative Teacher Competition 2014

My mighty wheels of English was again presented  during the Perak State level Innovative Teacher Competition 2014. I have made a few changes to the wheels to improvise it and to make it more presentable. I have also brought examples of lessons that utilised the use of Mighty Wheels of English. I was very elated when the innovation finally earned a bronze award.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

We Are Back With Fire Ready to Roar Louder!

Kinta Utara District Level Debate Championship 2014  

Perak State Debate Championship 2014 
After going through gruelling rounds, my debate team has finally made it to the National Debate Championship which will be held in June 2014. It was not an easy win for us as we went through so much of struggle in the process to reach to the top. They had to stay back, skip classes and also sacrifice their tuition classes which made their teachers and parents very unhappy. After winning the debate, all was forgotten and they felt the sacrifices that they have made, worth it. It was not a journey of bed of roses for them being in the debate team. Although MGS was known as a premier school, the debate team has never actually made it to anywhere in debate and this is the first time we are going for the Nationals. I should congratulate the girls for their efforts. They were deemed as underdogs before this and the whole wide world now knows that MGS girls know what debate is and nobody is going to look down at us anymore. After going through the pain and humiliation of losing in the first round to a lame school last year, we came back with a fire and defeated all the other premier schools in Kinta Utara District ( Mind you! our zon is known as the killer zone which consists of all the premiers schools). Now the last challenge is the Nationals, I do not know what will happen....but may the best team wins. I will continue to guide the girls and motivate them to do their best. My advice to them is go without any expectations and do your bests, the rest of it will be taken care of by the supreme power up there... so do not forget your prayers let's get ready for the Tan Sri Datuk Wira Abdul Rahman Arshad Debate Championship 2014.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


My proposal has been accepted by the Asiatefl Conference proposal review committee. I was very excited when I received the notification two days ago. I am looking forward to meeting old friends and  colleagues as well as making new friends during the conference.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Sample Test Paper ( Form 3)

I have done a sample test paper for the form 3 students based on the ELSA format. I do not know whether the format will be used in the coming PT3. I do not have the idea on how to test my students in the mid - year examination so I have decided to just proceed with the ELSA format. It will be a 2 - hour test consisting error identification, reading and answering questions based on linear and non - linear texts ( no objective questions like PMR), and also two writing tasks, an informal letter and a narrative. Please click here to download the sample  and  if there are any other  samples please do share as there's  no reference books yet and we are all in the dark. I hope we can share the test papers that we construct based on the ELSA format so that we can have materials in abundance. By the way I have been offered to write a reference book on the ELSA format  and will be working on it very soon. If everything goes well it will be published by August...waiting for the green light from the editor....