Saturday, 30 June 2012

Teacher Mohana or Mr. Mohana

I really finds it very irritating when students call or address me as 'Teacher Mohana'. It does not sound right.. The phrase 'Teacher Mohana' is directly translated by students from the Bahasa Malaysia phrase 'Cikgu Mohana'. It sounds right in Bahasa Malaysia but when it comes to English usage I do not think that it is right... One can address  his or her teacher by calling the Mr.or Miss.... Nowadays I see students addressing their teachers with the added teacher word at the front of their names....I often hear them calling their teachers teacher Agnes, teacher Linda, teacher Mohana and so on... When my students call me like that I advice them not to add the 'teacher' word and just call me Mr. Mohana but it seems like too difficult for them to change what they have been practising since their primary school days. I think we teachers should make efforts to change this.... This may seem to be trivial but this trivial matter need to be corrected so our English will be flawless..................Dear students please address yr teacher as Mr.Mohana and not teacher Mohana...


  1. I trained my kids to call me 'your majesty'.
    Oh yeah, killed 2 birds with 1 stone like a boss.

    1. That's a good one KOKO....hahaha


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