Saturday, 26 May 2012

Off to India for Holidays

Had a busy and strenous semester since it started and finally all has come to an end at least half the burden is gone and we only need to think about the other half that is the next semester which will be focusing more towards the public examinations. The competitions has ended and the first semester examination ended last week. was busy marking the papers as I do not want to bring back ' homework' for holidays. I have only one class left.... Will finish it by tonite before  my flight takes off to India tomorrow morning.. Can't wait to leave Malaysia and visit another land. I hope my visit to India will be meaningful as this will be my first time to visit the land of my ancestors which is rich in cultural values.. ..Can't wait to reach India... will update more info, modules and worksheets after my holidays....for now....Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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