Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Living Photograph's'

I started my literature lesson this year with my form four students by introducing the poem 'The Living Photograph' by Jackie Kay. The poem somehow reflects our own childhood as some of us have had very special moments with our grandmothers which will be cherished live long and I wanted to add this as an element in my lesson.

With that in mind, after introducing the poem, I asked my students to write a memoir of their own grandmothers with their 'living photograph' attached to the memoir. It was true enough that each and everyone of them have had different moments with their 'grandmas'. Some of my students had never seen their grandparents as their grandparents passed away even before they were born, so these students had to ask their parents about their grandparents to know more about them. I am sure relating the poem to their own lives had definitely made a way to build stronger bonds among family members by appreciating their elders. The video below shows some examples of my students work. 

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