Wednesday, 4 January 2017

English Language Classroom Posters

It was a dream come true when I was given a room to set up our English Language Lab last year. Despite being a premier school, we did not have much space at school as most of the rooms were being utilised. It was a blessing when I was given a small dungeon to be turned into an English Lab. Thanks to our former principal, Datin Mungit  who took this matter seriously and worked hand in hand with me. It took so much time for me to set up the limited space into a classroom which could fit at least 35 students. 

Lesson in Progress 
Today, the English Language Lab is still going strong and being utilised for various activities related to the English Language Panel. Besides, we could also model the 21st century teaching and learning activities in this room. The setting of the room is designed for student centred teaching and learning. However, due to limited space we could not change the setting from time to time, we hope to get a more spacious room once the new school building is ready (probably in another 3 years...haha). One set back about this room is we do not have any technology in this room except for a computer and an LCD Projector. 

Charts about 21st Century Teaching and Learning 

In the midst of setting up the English Language Lab, I downloaded learning charts and posters from Pinterest and Tumblr that can be used in classrooms. I have compiled and saved them in folders. If you are planning to set up your own 21st century classroom and are looking for posters and charts, you may click here and here to download them.

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