Sunday, 1 January 2017

Memories of 2016........

Life is not a bed of roses,
Year 2016 was a mixture of  everything and I believe I have braved through it with my signature smile as I believe that God has always been on my side provided I did the right thing without breaking the law of nature and believe in being good. With that mantra in mind and heart I managed to overcome every single challenge and problem.  I did not have much time to update this page as I was always on the go one after another throughout the year which left me with no time for myself and if you wonder what I was up to in  2016,  the pictures in this posting is a summary of everything I did in 2016. I hope I will have more time to share teaching strategies, worksheets and ideas in 2017.  

Creative Writing Workshop @ MRSM Ghafar Baba, Malacca

Training of National Cadres of CEFR Master Trainers 2016 at
English Language Training Centre (ELTC), Negeri Sembilan. 

Trainer Validation, Connecting Classrooms By British Council at
Swiss Otel Nai Lert Park, Bangkok. 

Presenter @
Kinta Utara, District Educational Colloquium
'21st Century Teaching Practices'

Group Exhibition on 21st Century Teaching Practices
Kinta Utara, District Educational Colloquium 

In action as CEFR Master Trainer, @
Teachers Training College, Ipoh 

I was humbled to have won a consolation prize for the, Report Card of Happiness,
Teachers Day Competition, Thanks to Belinda Lawrence for her entry. 

Presenter@ English Breakaway
Hosted and jointly organised by Methodist Girls' School, Ipoh and
SMK Bukit Merchu, Kuala Kangsar. 

Course Participant @
Advanced Specialist Certificate in Teaching Reading and Writing
@ Regional Language Centre (RELC), Singapore. 

Video recording of one of my lessons incorporated with the
ideas of 21st century teaching practices. please click here
 to watch the video.

Chief Adjudicator@
Perak State Level Debate Competition 2016 

Lawas District English on Camp for
Students and Teachers, Lawas, Sarawak. 

My Baby Project which I worked tirelessly for a year,
The MGS International English Language Academic Heptathlon 2016,

My Baby Project 2, English Across Boundaries. Had this at the school level.
Students were required to put up a display on given themes and present them in English.


That's not it,...anyways its just I could not find the pictures... 

I hope I will have more time in 2017 to keep this page alive....

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