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End Of The World In 2012 - Reality Or A Myth

In between my busy holiday schedule..I dropped by to blog about something that everyone has been talking about..

As the date 21 December 2012 is nearing, almost everyone on Earth is dying in anticipation about the authenticity of this rumor. However, there are countless theories in support of this rumor that are compelling the Doomsday to be true. But, the authenticity of such theories is yet to be determined. Some people believe that something will surely happen on Friday, 21 December 2012. It is a widespread rumor which people believe that the world will come to an end and life will cease to exist on Earth on 21 December 2012.


According to the Mayan calendar, the last day of life on Earth will be on 21 December 2012. People are calling it the Dooms Day. There are several prophecies in support of the Dooms Day. The prophecies say the end of the world is near, very near. People are claiming that many Hindu Vedas, the Holy Bible and Mayan Calendar is mentioning the end of world in December. The date 21-12-2012 sounds like a great mourning, but we are yet to discover the reality behind this notion. The truth is not yet determined and we are still relying on several theories, predictions and real world experimentations whether to believe the rumor or to let it go out from the other ear.

When is Doomsday - When will the World End?

The doomsday is said to be on 21 December 2012. The date is nearing and so is the eagerness to find out the reality of this rumor. There are millions of people who have a strong faith over the prophecies that are in support of this widespread and on the other hand there are people who just let this rumor pass by.
The ancient Hindu Vedic scriptures say that it is Kaliyuga and another Yuga will rise after its end, may be Satyug. However, Hindu scriptures also state that Kaliyuga has just been started and we have got a long way to go, like some million years.
According to Hindu scriptures, there are 4 ages (yuga) - golden age (Satyug), silver age (Treta Yuga), bronze age (Dvapara Yuga) and lastly, Iron Age (Kali Yuga). The first three ages have already ended and now we are nearing the end of Kali Yuga. Hindu mythology is of the opinion that as the Kali Yuga will end; Satya Yuga will again come to existence.

Mayan Calendar 2012 Predictions

Now let’s throw some light on the Mayan Calendar. According to the Mayan calendar, the world has 12 cycles and each cycle lasts for about 394 years. We are at the end of the twelfth cycle and it will end on 21 December 2012. The Mayan calendar clearly says that the world will come to an end on the aforementioned date. It is said that that the people belonging to Maya civilization were far advanced in the field of mathematics. Many people say that the forecasts made by Mayan people before have turned out to be a real. However, many people are also drawing a conclusion that it might not be an end of the world, but we may only witness many drastic changes or natural calamities will be at their peak.
On 21 December 2012, the Mayan calendar will reset itself and start from the point and start the next day. The Mayan calendar suggests the end of life and rebirth. This clock hints that something big will happen on the mentioned date and life will cease to exist.

21 December 2012

This date is perfectly set in the minds of every individual. People who believe in the theory of doomsday are already making plans to escape the threat and those who don’t are living their life in a normal routine manner. It is believed that there are certain major events that will happen on 21 December 2012 or simply the dooms day. We have already heard a lot about the Mayan calendar and its prophecies. The I-Ching prophecies also support the notion of doomsday. It is said that whatever prophecies they did earlier, all have come true. One of their prophecies is of the doomsday, that the world will come to end on 21 December 2012.
Some scholars even say that the Earth will face a shift in poles. The phenomenon is about a shift in the North and South poles. It is said that due to the shift in poles, mass confusion and malfunction will arise. It is believed that all electronic items will break down and animals will lose direction. Few people are saying that there will be a major movement of tectonic plates and it will result in mass natural disaster.

How To Survive In 2012 Dooms Day?

Though there is a lot of confusion and rumors prevailing about the doomsday, but trying to believe in reality is the best one can do. Even the scientists believe that nothing is going to happen on 21 December 2012 or the dooms day and that the day will be just like other normal days. The scientists believe in reality and experimentations. A lot of study and research has been conducted in order to reach a solid conclusion about the reality and authenticity of this rumor or belief about the end of the world. There are no authentic theories that can be believed and then a conclusion can be drawn about the dooms day. The Mayan clock may reset itself or according to Hindu mythology Satyug may come again, but nothing is going to happen to this world.
The date 21 December 2012 is well known to everyone. Just as the calendar at our homes reset itself to the New Year or another day, same is the case with Mayan calendar. Our Earth has faced the polar shifts earlier too and everything was perfectly alright. Life on Earth clearly survived and it is quite clear that it will pass the situation again.
Therefore, there are no such solid theories in support of doomsday. Hence, we can say that life will sustain on this planet. Don’t be afraid of such lame prophecies and do not be a fool to consider them as truth. There is a lot more to experience in this world. Death and disaster take place every day on Earth.

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  1. It's 23 Dec. You're right. All those doomsday warnings are lame prophecies. hahaha~~~


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