Tuesday, 25 December 2012

School Based Assessment 2013 (English Language Form 2)

Here are some materials for the English Language School Based Assessment for form 2 2012. I attended the course in September 2011 and was chosen as trainer for Kinta Utara District. I conducted several training sessions in Perak throughout the month of October and November. The materials given are relevant materials which will guide teachers to build their instruments for their assessments. I hope this sharing will be helpful.

 Dokumen Standard Prestasi
 Powerpoint presentation
 Powerpoint presentation 2
 Contoh Pentaksiran Jangka Panjang


  1. Great job Mr Mohana, was really impressed to see such a blog created for the benefit of teachers of the English Language...just happened to bump into your blog while searching for some PBS materials. Unfortunately, i'm not computer savvy enough to be able to access the materials you've posted.It's a shame though.... Wish you could assist on the ways of downloading and of course uploading materials which would be mutually beneficial to all...By the way i.m also an academician from SMK Tasek Damai..

  2. Thanks for sharing. Great Stuff. Keep it Up!


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