Monday, 15 October 2012


You've heard the expression, "Seeing is believing." That is true of teaching as well. Teachers are paid to talk - every day, for almost entire day. Much of what they say is heard, and some of what they say is tuned out. Often the 'tune out' is the result of a lack of credibility. When the teacher's position is "Do as I say" rather than 'Do as I do," the result is a communication barrier.

The best teachers model the truths they proclaim. They are living examples of the benefits of an education. Telling students they ought to further their education is one thing; showing them the positive character  and personality of a lifelong learner is another. It's too bad there isn't a college course called Example 101, because a passing grade in that course would give you a great teaching advantage.

Students who have seen kindness exemplified in front of the classroom, for example, best receive lectures on kindness. Brotherhood is an abstract principle until it is modeled by a teacher who accepts his or her students as they are.

Adapted from,
Minute Motivators for Teachers 

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