Friday, 5 October 2012

Is it Difficult to Say "Thank You Teacher" ?

Finally I have the time to post something. I have been waiting to blog about this for quite some time now but I had a second thought about it, whether want to or not because I do no want to hurt anybody. Well, I don’t care about it anymore….this comes deep from my heart……………….
         Recently I was entrusted to help a group of students (I do not want to mention who and what they were doing) who were chosen to represent our school for an International competition. I was involved with another teacher and we had to stay back for almost every day. I had been going home 6 p.m. every day while preparing them for the competition. Throughout the time with these students who think they are the best and smartest in school I did notice that they do not have proper communication skill and the worse of all they do not know how to respect the teachers( they have never greeted us with 'good morning' or 'thank you' teacher throughout the time we were with them). Although they were only in lower form that does not give them the licence to behave in such ways. Not only that throughout the period of preparation they were ridiculing us and argued for almost everything we did for them. For them, we were just not good enough and they refused to accept and do whatever we suggested. They had their own boring ideas and they  insisted that they were doing it professionally. Fair enough!!! They lost the competition!!!!…all the other teams did extremely well and there they came in with such a boring show which they insisted to present. God is great!! I thought they have learnt their lesson. But after the competition and when they finally reached home they did not even say sorry or thank you!!!!!...not even a thank you after we stayed back and guided them for two weeks!!! DAMN!!! Initially, I thought I was being too sensitive and also a colleague had remarked earlier, 'this is how students of today behave'. Silly me thought how outdated I was, you know, not keeping up with the current trends! And the fact that this was only my second week in the school made me think I had probably not understood the culture well enough and needed to be reeducated. And so I let the matter rest. However, a few days later, another teacher who was with us throughout the training session commented on the same thing that the students never said 'thank you' to her and behaved as if she was a stranger! They did the same thing to me wherever they saw me in school after the competition itself!!!  And then more and more comments came. And I thought I was alone...
                   Why is it so difficult to say 'thank you'? even if the teacher was not your favourite, or you didn't quite get along with the teacher, I am sure you must have learned something from him or her. There's absolutely nothing wrong for a student to show appreciation to her teachers. This should start from home they will only respect their teachers if their parents do so.....
        What has happened to good manners!!!? It doesn't cost you anything to say 'thank-you'.
Well if you don’t, it only shows your cocky and arrogant character…oh ya!!! there was this girl in this group who shows a sour and rude face whenever we ask her to do something or if we scold her for her wrong doings.
      By the way after being in this school for one month I find it that not all girls are like them…most girls are so adorable and they show respect to each and every teachers in this school .It was only that one group gave me a culture shock. However, If I were to teach them in future I will definitely teach them a lesson on how to respect teachers and elders that they will never forget till the end of their lives!!!!


  1. Well, that is the reality. People are slowly starting to lose sight of each other as humans worth cherishing. People are looking more into net worth or exam grades.

    I guess the next best question to ask is: Do teachers say thank you whenever students do something for them?

    Forget about these children since they are not under your care. Work on those under you & make sure that you teach them simple manners!

  2. Thanks forthe support buddy...

  3. Hey teacher, just forget those thing. What you need to remember is us, okay?:) 3B here always:). -Sing Yuan

  4. Hi Sing Yuan,,,,I miss 3B 2012....hahaha


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