Sunday, 23 September 2012



It was certainly something unexpected. I was actually very reluctant to go for the event when I was invited by Pn.Chew as I did not have any close friends yet and I was uncertain with whom and where I wanted to sit...I definitely do not want to sit with a group of teachers who will look at me as if I'm an alien from Pluto whenever I try to be friendly or with very quiet and conservative teachers who behaves formally wherever they go...Hey I want to be myself so give me a break okkkay!!!! It was definitely not like SMK Bintulu where I will be sitting together with my best buddies Jimmy on the left and Agnes on the right....MGS is totally a different story...Thanks to Pn. Helena who persuaded me to attend the Grad Nite 2012 and she reserved a place just beside her..Since I came to MGS she has been a wonderful friend or I would prefer to say a guide ..Then the show started.....I was Speechless I had no words to describe how talented the girls were.....The MCs, the performers particularly the girl who performed the Belly dance was certainly a gifted performer. Oh ya...the theme for this year was Once Upon a Time... The girls really dressed up to the fullest....opppsss  would prefer to say to the least as I saw them wearing tight skimpy clothes...hahaha....Who would have thought that these girls can really dress up....well I told myself "WELCOME TO MGS" hahaha...the show began.. oh I did not say anything about Grad Nite....well it is a celebration night held every year for the form 5 girls... the girls will really enjoy to their fullest on this special there were performances from 5S1 till 5V3 all the performances were done creatively and I could see that the girls really worked  hard  to put a good show....In between the performances there was a beauty contest and the most beautiful girl from Form 5 was chosen as The Grad Queen...I was told that these pageants were chosen based on their looks and also their inner beauty.....I could not remember the winner's name but  will upload the pictures if I manage to get them... Well for now I have uploaded a few blurry pictures which I took from my Samsung Galaxy as I did not bring my camera because I was not expecting such a great event.... Before I end I would like to congratulate Pn. Chew for making the event memorable and thank you for inviting me.....and from now onwards MGS Grad Nite would be something that I will look forward to attend in the coming years......



  1. Yes, it looks really grand! WOOOO!!
    Welcome to the big leagues, Mohana!

    1. is scary here....hahaha


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