Sunday, 20 May 2012

Teacher Motivation - recreation

Learning is hard work. It may be exciting, but it's also difficult. On most school days, students rise too earl, eat too little, and earn even less for their efforts. Most aren't at school because it was their chosen activity of the day. The law requires it. No wonder they often look offended when the roll is taken! They know that for the next several hours much will be given to them and much will be required. They will be expected to assimilate in mere minutes the concepts that have taken you years to understand. So give them a break - literally. Hit the "pause" button once in a while.
       Give your students a  " timely time - out." It will be good for their bodies, minds and spirits. Set the borders, and then turn them loose for a little playtime. The books will always be there, but the moment is fleeting. In fact, that moment may be the most opportune teaching time. weave your subject matter into games and downtime activities.
The change will benefit the teacher as much as the student.

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