Monday, 3 October 2011

Restu Ilmu Ceremony in SMK Bintulu

The students of SMK Bintulu will be sitting for the PMR examination tommorrow. In order, to give them last minute tips and to remind them the dos and donts a ceremony was held in a simple scale.. However the real purpose of the ceremony was to wish the students 'goodluck' by the teachers ... This year It was done with a difference, parents were invited to the school to attend this ceremony and to bless their children. I was deeply touched by the gesture of my students who came and hugged me and sought for my forgiveness.. I tried my very best to control my tears as I do not want to be teased by them next year hahahah...thank God I didn't although my 3B tried really hard to do so.... I hope all of them will do well in their examination and excel in flying colours.....I will pray for all them.....thanks for being wonderful students throughout the year and


your MOMO will prayer for you...

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