Saturday, 15 October 2011

Proverbs with Mohana...

Finally I have completed my 10th module, that is on proverbs which I have been working on for the past 2 months....Thank God...Finally it is done....The purpose of this module is to share my passion on proverbs with my students and also to expose my students to the usage of proverbs in writing. The module contains 35 tasksheets which will help students to explore proverbs using various interesting ways...The objective of using any module can only be achieved when proper teaching strategy is used, therefore I am planning to use explicit teaching strategies to complement this module so that learning will be optimum . The content of the module is :

a) introduction to proverbs

b) Pre - test

c) Preliminary practices

d) 35 tasksheets - tasksheets designed based on the themes/topics given in the syllabus so that the lesson will not deviate from my scheme of work.

e) test for every level

f) Post - test

This module is designed for form 3 students and I will start experimenting it on next year... I have also decided to conduct an action research on the effectiveness of this module...Hopefully everything will be fine....

God Bless...



  1. just stopping by to say 'good job' and keep the fire burning....

  2. hi, can download the module from you?

  3. Thank you Miss Jenny....Sorry Fei Fei the module is only for is not downloadable...

  4. how do one view the module or obtain the module?


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