Saturday, 22 October 2011

Motivation for Teachers 1

Teach to influence lives....

If we were to name great teachers of all time, what qualities of theirs would stand out?? We would probably conclude that they didn’t just teach others; they influenced them. Their lives, as well as their teachings, still impact individuals and societies. What they taught was simply an extension of who they were. They influenced others because of their character.
Devotion, commitment ,compassion, diligence – these qualities were undoubtedly the disciplines of their lives, the dynamic that made them Hall of Fame teachers. They were more than purveyors of facts or figures. They modeled a value system that causedothers to remember them for what they stood for as well as what they taught.
Make it your goal to affect not only the minds of your students but their lives as well. Influence them,.Lead them, let your personal disciplines be a classroom where your students will learn how to live, and not just how to spell or count. If that’s your goal, your work will go on long after you’re gone.
Great teachers do not produce a product; they produce an effect….Let us follow their foot path.. we might not become great teachers but we can atleast try to be a ‘teacher’.

Adapted from,
Minute motivation for teachers.

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