Thursday, 15 August 2013

What Kind of Teacher are You???

Authoritative Style
The authoritative teacher places limits and controls on the students but simultaneously encourages independence. This teacher often explains the reasons behind the rules and decisions. If a student is disruptive, the teacher offers a polite, but firm, reprimand. This teacher sometimes metes out discipline, but only after careful consideration of the circumstances.

The authoritative teacher is also open to considerable verbal interaction, including critical debates. The students know that they can interrupt the teacher if they have a relevant question or comment. This environment offers the students the opportunity to learn and practice communication skills.

Ms. Smith exemplifies the authoritative teaching style. She exhibits a warm and nurturing attitude toward the students and expresses genuine interest and affection. Her classroom abounds with praise and encouragement. She often writes comments on homework and offers positive remarks to students. This authoritative teacher encourages self - reliant and socially competent behaviour and fosters higher achievement motivation. Often, she will guide the students through a project, rather than lead them.

                                                                                                                                         Laissez - Faire
The laissez - faire teacher places few demand or controls on the students. 'Do your own thing' describes this classroom. This teacher accepts the student's impulses and actions and is less likely to monitor their behaviour. Mr.Jones uses a laissez - faire style. He strives to not to hurt the student's feelings and has difficulty saying no to a student or enforcing rules. If a student disrupts the class, Mr. Jones assume that he is not giving that student enough attention. When a student interrupts a lecture, Mr.Jones accepts the interruption with the belief that the student must surely have something valuable to add. When he does offer discipline, it is likely to be inconsistent.
Mr. Jones is very involved with his students and cares for themvery much. He is more concerned with the students' emotional well - being than he is with his classroom control. He sometimes bases classroom decisions on his students feelings rather than on their academic concerns.
Mr. Jones wants to be the students' friend. He may even encourage contact outside the classroom. He has a difficult time establishing boundaries between his professional life and his personal life.
However, this overindulgent style is associated with students lack of social competence and self - control. It is difficult for students to learn socially acceptable behaviour when the teacher is so permissive. With few demands placed upon them, these students frequently have lower motivation to achieve. 
Regardless, students often like this teacher.
The indifferent teacher is not very involved in the classroom. The teacher places few demands. If any, on the students and appears generally uninterested. The indifferent teacher just doesn't want to impose on the students. As such, he/ she often feels that out of the question. This teacher simply won't take the necessary preparation time. Sometimes, he/she will use the same materials, years after year.
Also, classroom discipline is lacking. This teacher may lack the skills, confidence, or courage to discipline students.
The students sense and reflect the teacher's indifferent attitude. Accordingly, very little learning occurs. Everyone is just 'going through the motions' and killing time. In this aloof environment, the students have very few opportunities to observe or practice communication skills. With few demands placed on them and very little discipline, students have low achievement motivation and lack self - control.
This teacher can't control class and students never learn anything in there. There is hardly ever homework and people rarely bring their books. Mrs. Johnson is a good example of an indifferent teacher. She uses the same lesson plans every year, never bothering to update them. For her, each day is the same. She lectures for the first twenty minutes of class. Sometimes, she will show a film or a slide show.

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