Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Power of D & D

My Rising Angels (MGS Debate Team)
I never thought once that I will have passion for drama as I was always involved in Debate and thought that I would never do anything else accept debate. However, my debate team was defeated by a horrible team this year which I have never aspected to happen in my wildest dreams. It happened because of the chief judge who thought she knew everything but in actual she does not know anything about debate. I had a heated argument with her as she refused to explain anything......I was fuming in anger...all I could do  was to wait for next year to take revenge..I couldn't even write in to the PPD as I did not have any evidence to support my case...the organizing
committee promised to do the recording but they did not do so....It was difficult to accept the defeat as we were beaten by a team who could not even speak in proper english and has no case at all!!! They did not have definition and stand...and worst of all they did not even offer any POI....!!!my girls were really down but they were strong enough to vanquish the dissappointment....they received the recognition they deserve in competitions organised by private schools and colleges..

The Power of Drama
After the debate competition, I felt some thing was amiss...I was not busy anymore and felt that things were not just right and at this time I was called by Pn.Helena to contribute some ideas for the drama team, I looked through the script and worked with her to improvise it...I gave her some ideas ( Which I think was not good actually but she accepted it and made it impresive) and she actually accepted it and worked with her students. I couldn't be there with them all the time but whenever I had the time I would go to the trinity hall to see how they were doing.....the drama turned out well and I got excited seeing them in between this I was invited to judge drama competitions in other zones....when I judged the competitions I learnt a large deal from the senior judges who were more than willing to share the judging criteria. Being involved in the drama training and competitions has brought me to a new dimension which I have completely  ignored all these while...and without realizing it, I started enjoying drama as much as I enjoy doing debate.  Drama is a fresh breathe that came into my life......our drama team has won the zone level drama competition  this year and will be representing the zone for the district level competition in June.....will keep everyone updated...


  1. Well done, Mohana!
    You are certainly a talented person. You can do all the Ds you want! lol


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