Saturday, 12 January 2013

My First Lesson 2013

I call this activity 'New Year Resolution'

I carried out this activity as my first lesson for the year 2013...

Materials Needed :
Mahjong Papers/Manila Cards and Marker Pens

Activity :

a) Students are divided into groups ( five in a group)
b) A leader for each group will be chosen
c) Students will be required to discuss in their groups,
                       -  things they want to achieve in 2013
                       -  things that they want to stop doing in 2013
                       -  things that would want to start praticing in 2013.

d) group leaders from each group will present their resolutions to the class.

Post - activity :

Students will be required to write an essay entitled ' My New Year Resolutions".

I carried out this activity with all my form 5 and form 3 classes. This can be done and goes along with the theme 'People' in the textbook....


1 comment:

  1. Looks good! I wanna do something like this with my classes too! =D


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