Saturday, 12 January 2013

Ice - Breaking Activity 2013

It may be too late for an ice - breaking now, well dear teachers you can always save them for the following year. I tried out this activity in all my classes last week... as it was the first time I was entering their class I wanted to do something different instead of the same lame 'introduce yourself' activity...this is what I tried...I call this activity as introduce your friends activity...well this is how it goes.........

Introduce your friends

the activity starts from the monitor....the monitor will be asked to pick a friend in the class and introduce her by saying something that she knows about her....and the person she chose will choose the next person and it goes on. The last person will be introducing the class monitor. there are two rules that the students should adhere here :
a) students should not be introducing the person sitting next to them
b) students are not allowed to introduce the person who has introduced them.

My Reflection :

I carried out this activity in class 3 Partridge, 3 Oriole, 3 Eagle and 5S5... I did not carry it out in 5V2 as I taught them last year and I know all of them quite well. I find this activity really breaks the ice as when the students introduce their friends they tell whatever they know about them and teacher gets more input about his/her students on the first day itself.. If I were to ask them to introduce themselves they would have talked about the same lame things such as hobbies and ambitions..but when the students talk about their friends it was fun as they will talk all the good things and also some bad things about their friends...As a teacher we also have to set boundaries on what they can talk about in order to avoid conflicts among students in the classroom. 

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