Sunday, 26 February 2012

Teacher Motivation 3 - Evaluation

Evaluating a student goes beyond the report card. The report card measures only what a student has done. You must evaluate where the student is and where he can go. Learn to read your students. What are they working on today?Oh!,that doesn't mean what their classroom assignment is. What are they working on inside their minds? Their hearts?
What is the main concern? Of course , for the most part that is the RM1000000000 question. If you were a mind reader, you probably wouldn't be in the teaching profession. You might be concentrating on the lottery!

But in one sense, you are a mind reader. Your daily interaction with you students has given you great insights into what motivates them - and what completely turns them off. Over time, you learn to read their faces.

Once you can read them, you must then lead them. Where do they need to grow?Where do you want them to go? How will you utilize the knowledge you have gained by reading their countenances and behaviour.?

Evaluation lead to motivation - adapted from Minutes Motivators For Teachers

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