Saturday, 11 February 2012

Teacher Motivation 2 - Determine to love the unlovable

There is one in every class; that one student who tries your patience, wears on your nerves, and makes you wonder why you ever became a teacher. Unteachable, unbearable, unlovable - those are the words that will run through your mind. Think again. It really is worth the time to consider the cause behind that child's effec. That unruly student may be a 'prisoner of war.' Yon do not know the raging wars that he or she may be facing = a tortured home life, emotional pain or physical illness.

Unlovely?? Perhaps. Unlovable? Never. That "problem child" is a child of God, the focus of His bes affection. According to the Bible, He cared enough to sacrifice His own Son for the spiritual welfare of that one child.

Pause for a moment and pray for an infusion of compassion. It could just be that the "unlovable" is looking for love - and you just might be the source! At least in your heart, you can give that unruly student a new status: loved, understood, and worthy of honor.

For Heaven's sake, don't give up on that child.

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