Thursday, 19 September 2019

Descriptive Essay about Teenagers.....

Since SPM is just around the corner and I have been receiving emails requesting sample essays. So, I decided to share one today. 

The following is an essay adapted from an ancient old SPM workbook. I used that book for my SPM in 1997. I modified the essay so that can suit the current needs of the SPM students. The language used in this essay is very high ( CEFR C2) and will guarantee students with an A+ if they can actually write essays like this. 

Dear teachers, please remember that this essay is not suitable for low proficiency students who are struggling to write. If you ask them to read essays like this they will give up and may not even want to try. 

Also to be cautioned that teenagers are portrayed in a negative light in this essay so no offence to any teenagers who are reading this essay.

The rubric for the following essay is : 

In about 350 words, write your opinion about teenagers today. 

Happy Teaching Teachers!!

Happy Studying Students!!

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