Thursday, 2 April 2015

My Last Day in RMS

My ten weeks internship at Riverside Middle School came to an end last week. It was a journey of learning experience as a teacher.  Throughout my internship, I came across many new teaching ideas and classroom practices that I value more than anything. I have to thank my teacher partner, Ms. Sharon Barnette who has 27 years of teaching experience. It was a bless to be partnered with her as she has been very open and understanding. We shared a lot of things during the 10 weeks of internship. Miss Barnette has always been very supportive and encouraging. She gave me the freedom to get thing done in my way and conduct the lessons in my own style. She never once stopped me from doing all the things that I wanted to do in RMS. Our relationship became so close that I almost shed tears when she gave me a hug before I leave the school for good.

As for the students, throughout my internship I realized that kids are kids no matter where you are. Students in RMS are not exceptional. They have the same cheekiness that our Malaysian students have. I did not see the difference in students’ conduct when I compared them to our Malaysian students. However I find that students in South Carolina especially those who are in RMS are very respectful. Well the way they see respectful here is not the formal greetings and wishings but they way students bring themselves. Students here are more casual in greeting their teachers which I really like ( I think I have blogged about this before). On the  last day,  we spent a few minutes together after the end of every lesson taking pictures.

Well, one of my friends said that…we started without any problems and had a smooth sailing throughout the internship and it is good that we leave when the sail is smooth rather than leaving when there is a thunderstorm… all’s well ends well…

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