Monday, 19 January 2015

Year 2015 - fulfilling My American Dream.....

Hello people..........with the blessings of  Almighty,  2014 has been a great year as I had countless achievements and accolades.....millions of thanks to everyone who has made all the awards and achievements possible.....and without the support of family and friends as well as divine intervention nothing would have been possible.....
Experiencing snow for the first time 

I would say the divine intervention did not stop in 2014 but continues in 2015 as I am embarking a journey of lifetime for the next few months of my life in USA a country that many people like me would want to go....I am indeed lucky to be selected in an International Program which is held in America where I get to meet and live with teachers from other countries as well as attend classes at Clemson University and will be teaching in a Middle School here in South Carolina....
my crazy classmates

For many, they would think that this is a paid holiday, but for me, it is different....... it is time to learn and share as well as to bring back countless wisdom back to my country to be shared with my colleagues and of course I will visit all the places that I got to see in Hollywood movies.....hahahaha.....



  1. Congratulations, Mohana!!
    Have a good time! You deserve it for all your efforts.
    Looking forward to reading about what you've learned!

    1. Thanks Jarod will keep you updated.....

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