Thursday, 16 October 2014

MICELT and MELTA Conference Materials

Tan Sri wira Abdul Rahman Arshad Debate Championship National Level,
Sibu Sarawak. ( 18 - 22 September 2014) 
Hi, it has been a long time that I did not post anything here....I have been very busy since after  the Raya Break. What have I been doing you may ask, too many things actually  that I can't really post here yet....but I can tell you that right after the Raya break I attended two conferences and right after that I was busy with the marking of PT3 and SPM trial papers.  I was also training my dearest students for the Tan Sri Wira Abdul Rahman Arshad Cup -  mind you it was a national level debate competition. The good news is we won!!! YES!!! we won the nationals for the first time...It was our determination, hardwork as well as God's blessings. By the way as  promised I would like to share the materials I used for my presentations at MELTA and MICELT conferences last month. Please feel free to download them. Please click here to download the powerpoint. Next am planning to present in an International Conference in Hong Kong somewhere in 2015 ..Hopefully I will reach there.....

Here are the ways to use MTVs in your lessons : 

a) First you need to get the right video so that your students can understand the content. Please make sure the video does not contain any sexual explicit materials and it goes along with your scheme of work and syllabus. 

b) Next you need to plan how you are going to go about your lesson using the video. If you are just showing them the video and asking them to write an essay based on the video right, its just not going to work. You need to plan some activities related to the video to ensure your students understand the content. 

c) Prepare task sheets. your task sheets can be simple questions related to the video. You can ask your students to rearrange the sequence of the video which is in written form.  You can also create information transfer kind of activities based on the video you want to show them, while watching the video you can ask them to complete the chart by transferring information from the video.

d) If you are to choose a music video, make sure  you choose a video which has a story.   When the MTV has a storyline it will be easier for you to teach your students to write a composition based on the video. 

here is an example of an MTV : 

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