Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Workshop on Teaching of Creative Writing

It has been a hell of a year since the beginning that I barely have time to update this blog. What am I busy with??? Countless things that I can't mention here as all of it are deemed 'confidential'. Finally I am taking sometime to sit and update on one of the many things that I did recently.
I was invited to give a talk on teaching of creative writing to a group of TESOL students in USM. It was a very exciting workshop as I got to meet many young, vibrant and energetic future academicians who do not have any worries on how their lives as teachers going to be like in the future. I have to thank Dr. Tan Eng Kok for inviting me to give this talk,  as she was very much impressed with my presentation during the MICELT 2013 conference. She complimented me till I blushed. 
The workshop was held in the Main Campus in USM, Penang. The students were very attentive throughout the workshop and participated actively in all the activities that I have prepared for them. I introduced myself and gave them some reflections on my teaching career which had begun 11 years ago. I shared my teaching materials and ideas with them and gave them tips on the do's and don'ts. I hope that my workshop has given them some insights and challenges in the teaching profession which they may  have not known. I hope through my workshop they have got some ideas that will be useful during their practicum which will be helpful.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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