Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Guided Writing My Way

when I started teaching I often find it to be difficult to teach writing as students really hated writing.My Students often do not complete their homework especially if it is writing homework. On the other hand, I really had difficulties in correcting their compositions as the same mistakes are repeated over and over again in every compositions.With this in my mind i tried to come out with and effective way to teach writing ans this is how I  am teaching guided writing to my students. I call it chain - map strategy. This method really helps them to construct the sentences correctly and improve their writing skill. I prepare pthe outline for them based on the questions and i always require them to complete the outline before discussing the composition. During discussion the students will corect their sentences and this help them to improve ther structure. Through this way students will learn a large deal and improve in their writing and we teachers do not need to spend so much time marking their essay. Currently I am doing my action research on this method.


  1. Is this really effective for very low profi students? I had difficulties in getting them to write too.

    1. Hi..this is tried and tested...I designed this method to help my low proficiency students...


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