Sunday, 6 November 2011

Form 3 Lit - Com Course for teachers in the Land of Borneo

My groupmates and I are demonstrating one of the ways to conduct literature lessons. It was interesting, trust me it was interesting.

Tengku Irene - presenting the novel 'How I met myself'

Mr.Ng.Yew Kee - presenting the "Leisure"

I was one of the fortunate JUs to be selected to attend the Form 3 Literature Component course which was conducted in Miri from 1st till 4th November 2011. This was the third and the last cycle for the latest literature component.... 20 JUs throughout Sarawak and 30 from Labuan and Sabah attended the course. It was very enlightening as various issues were discussed. The officers from Bahagian Pembangunan Pendidikan were very friendly. Thanks to Mr. Ng Yew Kee, Tengku Irene and Diana for making the sessions interesting. Teachers were allowed to give comments and recommendations on improvising the modules and making it more interesting. Teacher had hands - on experience by experimenting the activities in the modules. The following are the components to be taught to form 3 students in 2012


a) A fighters line

b) Leisure


a) Around the world in eighty days - Sarawak

b) How I met myself

c) The railway children

Though Sarawak will be doing around the world in eighty days, the officers from KPM said that the schools are given choice to choose the novels that they find to be easier for the students. However, the decision should be made by the school authorities. The JUs are required to conduct their training sessions in their district. I will be conducting a training session for the form 3 teachers in Bintulu on next year in January. Will upload the modules soon.....

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